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Furnish - new paintings by Will Anderson

  • Petshop Gallery 2725 North 25th Street Omaha, NE 68108 (map)

From Will:
I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Attended the Kansas City Art Institute where I received a BFA in painting, 2008. I have since moved back to Omaha where I have been living and practicing art ever since. I have participated in a number of group shows over the years in spaces such as the Bemis, the RNG Gallery, and others. This will be my first solo show.

If you think that a lot of the forms look like chairs, that’s great. 
I do too.

I suppose they are chairs. But that is not really what my work is about. My work is about looking. The “long look," I like to call it. 
Something that reveals itself over time, more slowly, it is sometimes the most interesting thing when this is never fully achieved. Art that I don’t understand is fundamentally longer lasting for me.

I have been working in a monochromatic format for about three years now. This work has a lot to do with pattern and repetition, both visually and mechanically. All the works are done using a cobalt blue oil paint that I make in the studio myself. I should say the paintings are made using both blue and white pigments. The two colors become stripes and dots, flesh and wood, comfort and repulsion, volume and vacuum. By repeating these forms so many times the work has become mysterious to me. Therefore, I am comfortable with it. 

Through my years as an artist, especially the more recent ones where I have spent a great deal of my time scrubbing clean my work of any real answers. Begrudgingly, I have come across one enduring conclusion. Art occurs in the space between the work, and the individual.

Be it the space seperating a stripe or a dot, or that of vacant chair. Nothing is empty.